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Name: Mr Ture Sjolander

Email Address: turesjolander@hotmail.com

Postal Address: Australia

Subject: "Insider Trading" : Merge ABC and SBS before the end of the year !

Comment: Sir,
Reshuffle the Australian Broadcasting Corporation before the end of this year
or/and merge SBS and ABC, as I - and probably many other people - can sense that
the Liberal Party with the Coalition is now fighting an upcoming election 2008,
not against the ALP alone but against ABC and to a similar degree SBS. 
For me it is more than obvious, the latest time that ALP has infiltrated the
news crew at ABC and the explanation to the movement anyone can make there own
simple analys.
I have noticed Peter Lindsay, MP, Mrs Coonan as it is her portfolio and the
Attorney General what I think would be done at this present time. I believe it
is a core political observation and my sincere advise to you.
All the very best from me to you.


Ture Sjolander
Artist (age 70) AU-Citizen.

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