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Dear Peter,
Give this thoughts I present you now your serious consideration.
I have been living for a period on Christmas Island. 1997 the  Island was visited by 6 MP's.  I meet them all . That time I suggested them a 3 point proposal which you will find on the Internet under Indonesian "Joint standing committee on treaties" at the Parliament House.
The reaction was very good and part of my proposal has been established on the Island. My speech are encl. see attachment.
What I like to tell you now is in my opinion of great importance.
Christmas Island population are mainly Islamic/Muslims,  and the rest of the population are Malay/Chinese,  all together approx. 80 %. The present  business on the Island today is very bad after even the Casino has failed. ("Suharto" owned anyhow when it was running)  The people on the Island need jobs obviously and to build one or even two detention center on Christmas Island would be a very good solution for many reason, not only for the refugees.
Every new refugee will be transported to Christmas Island the nearest future,  could be one solution. At least for a certain time...
As the Island is an Australian territory (of great strategic importance in the future) it would be natural to establish new detention center on the Island and the cost to build this centers,  has to be taken anyhow on the mainland of Australia, as it is proposed to be done.
I would like to develop this proposal to you through a phone conversation between us to start  with,  and I strongly believe you can gain from presenting it in your turn, to your fellow government colleges.
I hope you got an idea where I am aiming. But it is urgent as you will know from the  present situation "off shore", and the upcoming election !
Give me a call and let us elaborate on this issue I believe is a very constructive idea.
Give it a go, Peter.
Ture Sjolander