11 October 2010
Keeping their political heads above water

Luke Walladge

Here's a puzzler. If you depended, for your survival, on a river, and if you were taking nearly 8,000 gigalitres a year more out of the river than it could afford to supply, and if those extra gigalitres were killing the very river you depended on to survive... what would you do?

Luke Walladge is a writer, commentator and PR professional currently based in Melbourne.

House Rules

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Ture Sjolander

:11 Oct 2010 10:09:33am

Pray to a Saint. Cry a river. Dream up a river. I would say 24 times a day like a mantra; our Government instead of The Government.
I would write an article and ask everybody to Support Television Programming and Stop asking question and just fit in and want you to think I'm a caring person and teach kids to say; We can always protect the environment Later.
If that do not work I would look for another insurance plan and apply for a Nobel Prize.


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           TURE  SJOLANDER