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Australian Values adapted only for Oppressors 2007
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ture sjolander <turesjolander@hotmail.com> Mon, Jan 15, 2007 at 11:00 AM

To Kevin Rudd, MP

I don't have time for this, nor did you seem to have, but look at this, please. The Australian Values promoted by a minority of oppressors in our nation appear to me to be very obsolete and certainly not suitble for the majority of the 20.2 million citizens. I am completely convinced that this matter should be subject for a more serious study. It is more important to make history - and I am sure you would agree, because you would not be where you are right now - than to force "newcommers" (we all are)  in this country to study values who has been made up by one third of beneficial members of our society. One don't need to be a muslim or anything else to see clearly on this matter.

Its an awful class minority, including the australian main massmedia, trying to dominate and dictate the majority  of the population with their values. I have no daubt about that, at all.

Australia is actually in a dire need to constantly renew values, if not we will get even bigger problem, and what's follow, is a social stagnation.

I wrote a few lines to you before you got elected recently and congratulated you to your new post, prior to the election, as I always have liked your intellectual capacity.

I did not expect you to respond to me, nor do I expect you to do it this time. However my message may reach you and if so, please consider this views I am presenting to you.


All the best

Ture Sjolander

cc: Peter Garrett, MP



Ture Sjolander
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