Letter to the Royal Commision Australia May 20 1991, from Ture Sjolander.
Palm Island: 3000 people, 206 houses; 14 people to each house - so quite unlike Magnetic Island, though.
Queen Elisabeth's "Order of Australia" to all aboriginal residents of Palm Island (or anywhere) can not justify the crime once made against them and up to date. Supervised shelter for "rednecks". No alleluja... nohelp. Insular mentality. National Parks bush and trees, in our heritage are more provided more care than humans. The Aboriginal still have what we lost: cultural dignity. Undoubtedly the aboriginal is Australia's richest heritage. Recommendation: Read "The Songlines" by Bruce Charwin.
God bless you, Bishop Raymond Benjamin.
You said in a recent story in the Townsville Bulletin, 15 May, "When two drunks, one white and one black, who lived under a bridge, died, the differences in their funerels was unbelievable".
"When the white man died not one person who cared about him turned up for it. There weren't even enough people present to carry the coffin".
Well, my answer  to that, is - somebody, perhaps your prayer groups etc, should have carried both the black man and the white man before the coffin became necessary. You think we have a lot more to learn from the Aboriginal than from the white man's way.
The Catholic Church has performed services on Palm Island, the biggest aboriginal community in Australia for 65 years. "65 years - 6.5 decades" and now there is talk of finally setting up a "Task Force" to seek their reaction to a report and their suggestions on the best way to deal with the situation in North Queensland.
Has this question of how to deal with  "this situation" never struck your church before?
Did they ask for alcohol or were they educated that way ? And who made the profits from their dole payments ? I have never heard of the aborigines owning breweries.
"A few hours ago" the "red necks" poisoned the aborigines and put them in mass graves. Today the "red necks" use more sophisticated methods, alcohol and dole !
It says "the thought is faster than the light" - but 65 years and still you haven't achieved anything than Catholic trade!!!
Bishop - better late than never - as a Bishop in the Catholic church, I'm sure that God will forgive you and your church, but I am also sure that he expected you to create receivers, for the aborigines message and miserable situation, in the British run society, Townsville has its own type of Alcatraz with a few patronized families. Seeing is believing.
Task Master for the Task Force, first receiver to rectify this mess. Why not your mate, this other bloke, Bishop of the Church of England, Mr. Lewis. He seems to have a very big panorama with Palm Island in the focus or the Royal Mayor of Townsville, Tony Mooney.
Is it an uncivilised/unreasonable claim that the aborigines want to get their own ancestor's remains back to their native soil ?  How would it be if the British "tribal descendents" of departed freeman (convicts) as amatter of national/cultural pride, asked to have their ancestor's remains returned to the British native soil ? Will they ever rest in peace in this soil ?
Are we so afraid to see ourselves as biological beings in the historical mirror. The stoneage is a dreadful current event, in our dusty hearts.
Is it better that the aborigines put their dole into breweries or into the church ? No - if nothing comes out of this - supervised shelters - what does it give the aborigines, how does it help us all.
Compassion is not enough ! Not even a prayer in or among this church group can relive or change their way, because most of these people do not believe in God - "They believe in the Three Wise Men and the Virgin Mary Cult and their own modern degenerated culture structure". Maybe it would be better to build up some supervised shelter for bully British/Australiens and their overstrung way to supervise the majority of the Australian population.
The British/Australians have historically proved they are unable to deal with the problem.
These bullies should be targeted for the messages because they have always been the problem for the Aborigines and still are as well as they are the problem for todays immigrants.
"If we could get rid of the Aborigines  on Palm Island, the most beautiful island in North Queensland, we would have the most beautiful tourist attraction in the world".
One did not think in these terms 80 years ago, when one forced, compulsory transferred the black people to this island. Today a ward of Townsville, QLD.
Dear Bishop how to protect our  fragile  religious and social infrastructure - yes how - on the expense of a genocide ?
Why give hope when their is no hope - e.g. Philippines Aquino: put Mount Pinatubo them closer God?
Yet Love
Ture Sjölander - May 20 ' 91
P.S.  Then we always have the deserters and the betrayers on the humiliateds site and side. God damn them with or without money or bible in their hands.
Queen Save the God in Queen's residence.
Oh Lord - Bula Bula.